We specialize in classic homes and only classic homes! While most builders work on new homes and will take on a classic home remodeling job when available, we focus on one thing… Classic Homes. Why? Anyone who owns a classic home understands, it takes special care (and knowledge) to work on a this type of home. We use period correct materials, and are constantly honing our techniques just like the original craftsmen who made these masterpieces. Knowing how to work with these materials and where to find true old world replacement materials is as much an art as its is a science. 



Our sales team LISTENS. We want to know what you the homeowner want to accomplish. How you want to get there and your budget constraints. Only after we have a complete picture of your needs do we turn its over to our design team. This is the only area where we use modern technology to accomplish a task. Our intent is to assure we can meet the quality standards your classic home deserves in a timely manner and within budget. Drafts are created, game plans are drawn up and a precise time schedule is created for your approval. 



In order to work on an old home, you need to have a craftsman’s mindset. You must see the home as a living thing that requires the utmost care. Our craftsman are a team of dedicated artisan’s who research each job like archeologists documenting the age of the home, the building style and the materials used during that time. Only then do we put together a game plan on how to approach each challenge.