Wood Window Restorations

Window Restoration

Not only will your restored windows add value to your home but also provide you with like new operation and increased energy efficiency. Your sashes will be taken back to our shop and stripped back down to the original wood, your original hardware will be reconditioned to like new condition or replaced if necessary and your glass will be professionally cleaned back to like new condition, then finished and weather-sealed with the worlds finest Sarco putty (the same putty used to remodel the White House windows). To assure your new windows resist the elements and enhance the beauty of your home, we will then professionally apply two coats of the finest commercial grade enamel paint. In addition, your window jamb will be scraped clean of all failing paint, then primed and painted, your existing sash cord will be replaced with the highest quality Sampson Sash Cord will then be installed. Lastly we will tune the mechanics for the easiest possible operation of your double hung windows. 

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If your wood windows are in acceptable shape and simply need a little attention, our Window Renovation is a less expensive option then purchasing new windows for you. We will eliminate all items that are hindering the opening and closing operation, replace all missing or failing putty, then we will and lightly scuff sand the exterior before we spot prime and paint to a like new condition. This will ensure that you windows will be conditioned to resist the elements and restored to their original beauty.
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Steel Window Restoration

If you happen to live in a mid-century home and have steel windows, our team can help with those too restore those windows to like new condition as well. Although the process is very similar to the restoration of wood windows, rust removal and prevention is the key to successful restoration here. We will remove all of the built up paint and rust to bring them back down to the bare metal. We then apply a superior rust inhibitor and prime with a quality oil based primer designed specifically for metals. Like wood window restoration, the glass is cleaned or replaced and then glazed with our Sarco putty and finished with 2 coats of high quality oil based paint.
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Wood Door Patch


Sometimes a small paint failure or water leak can turn into major wood rot and may lead to further issues if not taken care of correctly. We pride ourselves in providing seamless patches to failing wood that are nearly invisible. With our commercial grade expox and honed skills we can offer extra years of life to your failing wood work at costs far below replacement. 
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There is no better way to finish off your beautiful functioning window than with a new screen to let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out. We specialize in restoring original or custom made wooden screens for your windows and doors to ensure a perfect fit and complimentary design to your home. Your new screens will feature mortise and tenon joints, with your choice of aluminum, fiberglass, or bronze screening material.
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